This is the story of a 26-year-old who drinks wine on days named after Norse gods. She likes mini-waffles and has mini-breakdowns.

“What is your blog about?” When people ask me I say “random stories,” which is true but wildly inadequate, so I thought about it and decided that the blog is about my stories, sure, but the goal is this: to make you feel better whether you are depressed, anxious, bored, reckless, or detached, because HEYO, I have been all those things and likely will again.

I’ve got drunk stories, travel stories, and stories about me crying big fat wine tears, or that make me want to cry bit fat wine tears. Finally, I’ve got stories that make me feel bigger than my body — transcendent, if you will. Yes, I’m quoting pre-Dead and Company John Mayer. For a little bit of everything, check the Anecdotal Evidence. Yes, I’m quoting Dawes.

I hope this blog can be your fake therapy. I’ve tried the real stuff and at the end of my session the therapist told me, “That was a lot worse than I thought it would be.” …TRUE STORY. I won’t do that to you. A) Because it’s kind of cruel. B) I won’t waste your time stating the obvious.

  • Additional info you may or may not need: I love travel, animals, fiction, coffee, nonsense, and shows about hunting ghosts or catching really big fish.






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