Anecdotal Evidence

Career Day: What Would I Be If I Wasn’t a Writer?

Remember career day in middle school? You had to pick 3 potential careers and someone from that field would come in and talk. I think you were supposed to try new things every year but I always picked the *same ones. My go-tos were professional dancer, writer, and hairdresser. I only chose **hairdresser because they gave you pink highlights and glitter hairspray, but the other two were always on my radar for real and guess what…today I’m a mo-fuckin’ writer. And I dance around in my socks (for free).

When I was even younger I used to dream of being a horse jockey. I read and watched National Velvet like YAAAS, QUEEN. I even had this “chart” that was just a squiggly line with random tick marks to track the money I saved to buy a horse. Unfortunately, a large toddler’s salary doesn’t pay for the equestrian lifestyle.

Horse lover

I’m happy being a writer. That doesn’t mean I don’t wake up some mornings with a case of mind-numbing self-doubt and crippling carpal tunnel, because I do. But stories are everything to me. However, if I was to pick a new profession it would be one of the following:

  • Treasure hunter
  • Dog walker
  • Circus performer
  • Biologist or any other animal-related “gists”
  • Richard Branson’s secretary

Thankfully, the best part about being a writer is that you can combine it with anything. I could be all the above things and still write, perhaps about my fun with Dick, which is what I will call Richard after we become best friends. If only my name was Jane.


*I lied. One year I chose firefighter for career day because they bribed us with a dalmatian.

**It’s probably for the best that I avoided my fate as a hairdresser cause my day-to-day style is called, “unbrushed and air-dried.”

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