Anecdotal Evidence

A List of Things to Enjoy While The Rest of The World Shits its Collective Pants

A lot of things bring me joy, like mashed potatoes, Cabernet, and the word Zesty, but the last day or so has me questioning whether I can feel anything except unadulterated GAAAAAAAH. So here are a few of my more recent obsessions, from before election day when I still liked things. I’m willing to share with you. Please, enjoy. Or at least try to.

1. *The same photo of Jeff Goldblum every day Facebook page.

2. My Favorite Murder podcast. Stay sexy, don’t get murdered.

3. **The Bloggess (Delve into the archives to avoid election stuff.)

4. ***Mini-waffles

5. The Valdivian rain forest, home to miniature animals (see Planet Earth I, Seasonal Forests.) It’s officially on my list of places to go.

Kodkod: Smallest cat in the Americas

6. Re-wilding Khan, a crowd source fund for a baby ocelot in the place I visited in Peru. Donate! Or just bask Khan’s cuteness.

7. This UPMC commercial, even though UPMC is kind of the devil.

8. Little Free Library

9. Ghost Adventures: Bros hunting ghosts. It’s as amazing as it sounds.

10. Maeve on WestWorld and the instrumental version of Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack.


11. Oskar the StaffyOhHelloOwen, and monty_happiness Instagram pages.

12. Octopuses, in general! But more specifically the book, The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery. It’s a study of what makes an animal or being sentient. It’s pretty much WestWorld with way more octopuses, way less nudity, and way less of the words “fuck”, “fucking”, and “fucked”.


*Also this picture that someone comments on every single photo of Jeff Goldblum.


**To make it easier on you, I will direct you to a Bloggess post about metal chickens.

**Any sized waffles are good, but I like the mini ones for the same reason I like the mini animals of the Valdivian forest….because they are mini.





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