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Where 2 Next? The Story of Planet Earth

The world is hopeless in so many ways. Pretty much every show on TLC (except *Cake Boss) proves that. But wait…the trailer for **Planet Earth II reminded me that our world is also awesome. Hopelessly awesome! Sorry to all you other planets out there. I know you have craters, Ridley Scott, and Sigourney Weaver (all my space knowledge comes from the movie, Alien), but Earth is still the coolest orb floating in the abyss.

Lots of stuff gives me anxiety (voicemail, stink bugs, social events), but nothing stresses me more than the idea that I might not see all the beautiful, hard to believe places on Earth. I don’t care an ounce for owning pretty things, I just want to see the world while I’m here. I’m constantly curating a list of places to visit: Ecuador, Chile, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, South Africa, Indonesia, Nepal, Croatia, Albania, New Zealand…honestly anywhere. Except North Korea. I’ll take a hard pass on North Korea.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in the last two years. I’ve driven cross-country, and been to Iceland, Scotland, England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Peru. Before every trip I tell myself, maybe this will hold you over, at least for a little while, because I need to save money to afford things like pants, books, and mashed potatoes. But upon every return, I’m just that much more excited for the next adventure.

When I stress about money, I walk around my neighborhood because that shit is free. I remind myself that even though I’ve lived here my whole life, I still discover new things about the street I live on, like that the family I thought were serial killers actually just hate children and happen to take their trash out after midnight. I try to remember that even though I might not get to see the whole world, I do have the privilege of learning the details of my town. I might even make a docu-series about it.

Episode 1: Roadkill on Route 22.

Episode 2: Sheetz, a Suburban Watering Hole.

Episode 3: So Many Trump Signs.

Episode 4: ***Murrsyville Tree Sign – Quaint or Creepy?

Murrysville tree sign

It’s a work in progress. But really, I do love to explore the woods, trails, and creeks of my hometown, and I see something new every time I do. I just get so swept up in exotic places that I forget, Earth is already under my feet.


*I feel like I should mention that The Little Couple on TLC is also kind of endearing. But Little People Big World? Noway.

**While you’re waiting for Planet Earth II to come out (2019), watch BBC’s The Hunt.

***A few years ago, someone suggested that we use goats to maintain the Murrysville tree sign, which, by the way, is the largest tree sign in the world (score). It hasn’t happened yet but it better because that’s a hilarious image.

Goats doing yardwork

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